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Using up-to-date business development skills and technology to ensure we are maximizing our business opportunities.



Teaming up with like minded business professionals to share in the learning process and capitalize on each others life experiences. Keeping professional development in the forefront of all we do.


Building trust and long term relationships through networking, common experience, aligned goals, and shared opportunity.


What do we do?

Each meeting is comprised of basically three parts (see below).  Sometimes the various parts blend together, depending on how interactive the team is.  The overall goal is to become more skilled professionals at each meeting, based on a monthly topic.  Camaraderie is built between members through shared experience, common goals, and a desire to see each other improve.  Introductions to potential clients then becomes a natural consequence of bringing together great teams of people.  The "ROI" (return on investment) of this organization comes from the education and professional growth, which is always first and foremost.

After reconnecting with members to start the meeting and a quick round of introductions, we then shift to the topic, which is presented in lecture format, to include content and/or study material.  The monthly topic is available in advance, so that members can come prepared by having given the topic some thought, in terms of their own situation.  Each topic covers some element of professional success.


During the next part of the meeting, members often become very involved and the meeting becomes interactive.  Members discuss how they can use, or are currently using, the monthly topic in their professional life.  Success strategies are shared, examples are given, role plays are worked through, and confidence in using the topic grows.  The goal is to be comfortable enough when leaving the meeting to practice over the coming month and use the topic to improve immediately.

The S's

After we've covered the topic and had a chance to discuss, we open the floor to discussion about anything any member wants to share.  Typically, these are one of the S's - successes or struggles.  Members talk about what has been happening in their professional lives, and other members either learn from their success, or help them overcome their struggle.  This is a good opportunity to discuss 

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